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12 Best Total War Games Ranked From Best to Worst For Beginners

Are you a gaming freak? Do you prefer games over going on a date with your girlfriends? Then it would help if you were well known with the total war games too. The games that created a buzz with the gamers and gained a lot of publicity. The strategies it involved and the great user experience brought the war games revolution to another level.

Let us rank the total war games from the best to worst and take on the journey to experience nausea again.

Bring a gamier myself there are several series that are still closed to my heart and are kept locked inside with endless memories. Its been 20 years and there have been a total of 13 games. To be very true if you ask me my top 13 games that I have played and I will answer total war games.

Trust me, this is not just my experience, but every gamer who loves to take on over the war games has the same thing to say. The games were designed beyond perfection and gave a realistic feel to the one who was sitting there and making plans on how to defeat the enemy.

The series has had its struggles to make through with a lot of ups and downs. It has been a part of many failures and was dragged down by many new games but still as you say old is gold. Total war games is going to be the first choice.

With the evolving technology and growing craze for the games, the gamers now need new things. Thus total war games have also decided to come up with a fresh and advanced look.

Before we get to experience the new ones, let us take a look back and enjoy the games that we have spent our childhood with and rate them as best to worst.

Total War Games From Best To Worst

If you are a beginner in the gaming world and are looking for the best war games to try your hands on, then you must have a look at our collection. We have managed to do good research and then rank the games from best to worst according to the features and user experience they offer:

Shogun 2

Yes, I know many of you will not agree with me about this one being the biggest hit, but in my opinion, it was the best one. The thematic presentation and the overall aura that it created made you feel the condition of the warriors. The second part that also involved the farmers was the best add-on. With shields and spades everywhere, every drop of blood was clear. This game gave me Goosebumps, and most of you will agree with me here.

Three kingdoms

It had the best interface and kept you hooked till the last minute. The game was designed with huge hard work, and the minds behind the same were exceptionally talented. This series had the war hammers that were the best part. This was also rated as the biggest hits in the entire series of total war games.

Warhammer 2

Ohh, mam, I remember how the dragons were trained and brought to the war fields for a huge battle between two clans. With several fictional characters and a clear background, it was one of the best games to play. It also had some fascinating maps that made you feel like a true warrior with a sword who is all set to win over kingdoms.


Now this one was a bit different from the others. It had the British empire making strategies and attacking the countries they wanted to rule. There were a lot of flaws. And when I say a lot of it means that the game had a lot of flaws. Still, it managed to gain a good amount of audience and had the kids go crazy for using the different guns.


As they say, you cannot win over the original thing. The first Warhammer was way better than this one. It had excellent graphics and sounds. The audio was just perfect and made you feel as if you are sitting in the warzone when you plugged your speakers. The second series also did a decent job but was not able to best the first one.

Medieval 2

The major drawback of this game was that it paid too much focus on the archers. Yes!! All you can see the archers getting killed and sacrificed when it could have been a lot more than that. The combat could have been 100 times better, but the designer was in a hurry as it seems when you think of playing it. The game starts in the era when the countries are a part of the western world. It includes winning over other empires for money, fame, power and women. The game offers some best battles that were fought and help you be a part of the plans to help the kingdoms win.


Now this one was a bit different and kept you stuck for a long time. This had excellent graphics and gave you a realistic feel. Each sound and situation was well planned and presented perfectly. If you are planning to start playing war games, then Rome is still the best option to try on your iPad. The game involves three families that will make you fight battles and battles and win over the final empire as a single ruler. The entire game is set to win over the kingdoms and come out as a single and most powerful empire named as Rome and rule the whole planet.


This game did not get justice from the users. It was overshadowed with the release of Rome 2 and was not able to create an impact. Though it was a great game and was a well thought off plan still gamers, found Rome2 a better option to try. In Attila, regions will flame up, and an infinite army of nomadic tribes constantly crawl across Anatolia. The game provides a clear description of how the fall of the Roman world has to endure. The battle part of the game also has the biggest influence in the franchise. The lack of an early fight means a reversal in previous games. If a battle is lost in Attila, the city is likely to be wiped off of the world.


There is no point that the young gamers today will like to play this game but still, if you are a lover of vintage games, then this is a good option. There are several explanations for the first mediaeval day, particularly when its age and mobile port are still alive. Still, at the moment of its publication, it was as necessary as its cavalry fees were magnificent.


When you look at the game, you actually feel proud of being in the era that started it all. Yes!! Shogun was the game that introduced the concept of war games. It was the beginning of the revolution in the war era. The game is still not changed and gives you nausea when you login and begin to play.


The game was set in the 19th-century beginning and looked perfect. It had excellent graphics, and the audio quality was way beyond the era. The situations and the Warfield looked real and gave you a feel of being a part of the troop. The stages were planned wisely and did not disappoint you in any corner. One of the best interests of the game was the peninsula war expansion.

Rome 2

This is one of those games that I disliked. I don’t know why people loved the warriors wearing bearskins on their heads and going for the war. The graphics were not clear, and the sound quality was absurd. This game could have been the best sellers if the production team thought of something like Shogun 2 but no!! all they focussed was on blood and fight. It sometimes seemed senseless when you killed someone.

Thrones of Britannia

Ohh god!! This one was so pathetic that I forgot the name and had to Google it. With limited units and a drab map, this was a war that was forced on the gamers to fight. It was something that was planned to look like three kingdoms, but all it seemed like was a disaster.


If you are a beginner and are planning to try your hands out on the war games, then you must consider this list. Total war games was a big name when it came to playing with making strategies and giving the best to the gamers. These games involved the search of weapons, looking for meals, making plans, finishing maps and killing your enemies to win over his kingdom. The games have everything you want from a battlefield. Just download any one of them and get going to experience the best with utmost satisfaction.



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