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How to fix DISM host servicing process high disk usage

The full form of the DISM is Deployment Image Servicing Management. This too is used to prepare the windows images. This tool is an essential and useful tool for the system Because it is used during the pre-installation images of the windows. But sometimes this service of tattoos gets some kind of error due to the Load of high disk usage. To solve this issue there are plenty of ways you can perform in the system to get rid of the issue. Follow these simple steps to remove the slow performance of your system and then your system will be able to perform tasks smoothly.


The reason for calling this tool essential and important for the system is that this tool is used in many aspects and it is useful in various processes. It is not a kind of tool which you need to perform manually. This tool is an automatic software which works smoothly in the background to run and perform your various tasks and processes smoothly. This tool is very useful in preparing better favourable conditions for the ‘Windows Preinstallation’ process for the apps. The enabling and disabling of the system features and tools is also because of this tool.

There is a huge error in this tool when your system saves too many temp files and this tool starts getting slowdown. Because of this slowdown, many system features and tools get affected badly. The overall process gets slowdown and due to this issue, users face so many technical errors and slow system performance while working on different projects. This is why it is very important to understand the issue the solve this out as soon as possible. If you want your computer or system to work as efficiently as it was earlier, then you have to follow these simple steps and methods to solve the issue.

4 methods to fix DISM host servicing process high disk usage error

Method 1: Disable SuperFetch service

This is another very important feature of the window system which helps in keeping the System data and files updated. It is very important in reducing the time taken by the efforts to start. Sometimes it is seen that all the apps in the window system do take much time in opening. But if this feature is there in your system, then booting time of the system apps will be reduced. But the problem is that this tool is responsible for the repeatedly opening of the DISM tool. Hence To solve this issue, follow these simple steps to disable it.

Step 1. You need to first open the commands window by pressing windows+R button on your keyboard.

Step 2. Then in the opened dialogue box Of the commands window, you need to enter the command MSC and then click on the enter button.

Step 3. After entering this command, you will be able to find the service so perfect in that window where you have to find the option of properties by right-clicking on the SuperFetch.

Step 4. In this menu you will be able to find the option of ‘Stop’ and ‘disable’ button which you need to click on apply to disabled SuperFetch service.

Method 2: Check for Malware in your system

This is also an important part of your computer but you can turn Turn it off if you want for the smooth working of your computer. Various issues in the computer are because of the excessive working of additional tools which causes system corruption and this leads to a slowdown of the system in many ways. It might also possible that your DISM is working in good condition but the additional software are not supporting appropriate or favourable support to the system.

This malware can cause Serious effect on the performance of your system And if you want to remove such issues then you have to install a premium scanner of malware which can identify the issue and solve it technically. You can also use several types of anti-viruses which can Cover the problem effectively.

Method 3: Disable BIT service

This is also a software which works like super fetch The background to maintain and regulate all your tasks and performances. It is also important in managing the working of all apps and system tools in the computer. The full form of the BIT is ‘Background Intelligence Transfer’ Which sometimes connected to the internet and send or receive some files due to this the load on the system increases. Due to this kind of programming, the system gets slowdown in the process and hence several kinds of issues and errors arise. To solve this problem, you need to disable the BIT service.

Fixing this issue will surely help you to get rid of the slowdown issue and Hence you will be able to run your computer smoothly and Soundly. You will have to do the process the same as you did in the first method and then you need to search the BIT option where you need to click on the stop button after right-clicking the BIT option. In this way, you will be able to disable the service and then your computer will provide a smooth working and sound performance while completing your daily tasks and work. This nothing doesn’t work for you properly then we have the last method which will surely prove to be beneficial for you. Call of the last method to resolve the issue.

Method 4: Update your Window

After doing all the above-mentioned methods if you are still facing any kind of trouble or issue in maintaining the speed and performance of your system then the last idea which is remaining is to update your windows. It happens many times and it is also seen by the users that outdated window faces many technical Errors and software error while performing various processes and tasks in the computer. To get rid of such problems, you should Update your window first. Switch to the latest and newer version of your windows to get all the bugs fixed. After updating your Windows version, you will not face any kind of slow down and errors in the system because updating the whole system will fix the bugs and improve their performance end give smooth outcome in performing various task and process.


After performing all the methods mentioned above, you will be able to see a change in the performance of your computer. There are so many factors which Are responsible for the slowdown of computer and we have identified a few in this article. Follow these methods to get rid of the problem and then find out whether these methods are working properly or not.



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