10 Games Like Corruption Of The Champions

Top Games like Corruption of Champions

Games are a crucial part of our lives. When we get tired, then the only thing we can think of is an excellent game to play and enjoy. We see many people participating in playing a game to relieve themselves from their stressful routine regardless of the game type that the individuals are interested in.

It has grown into a rejuvenating part of life for different age classes, from students to oldies. The Corruption of Champions (CoC), making wide waves across the gaming industry, is one of the latest things that gamers love to be a part of.

The Corruption of Champions is an erotic type-based video game involving the players who are the village people who select a champion from their town each year.

Moving further, the game divides itself into duties and responsibilities that the people of the village are delegated.

Champion corruption is a browser-based, erotic flash game. The game plot is set up in some village where every champion has to battle the demons and evil powers to defend their village because of an ancient traditional rite. The players are sent to an unknown dimension – that is, the cursed Demon World with a gateway to battle evil or even join forces with demons and corrupt your personality in the game.

The game begins with all its features establishing your identity. This profound development of your character often affects your play, so you must be careful when starting the game. Although most features and advantages are changed as you progress throughout the game, the initial features and disadvantages are set in the game.

In addition, there are many items that are vital to the player’s physical and magical abilities since they have special effects. You get transformational articles, consumer goods, weapons, armor, clothes, and other main articles you can collect while playing and increasing your level.

Unchartered by the mysterious forces of the ground, you start the game in Mareth’s warped universe. The player can easily move in one spot, but, as you need to find a portal, it is very difficult to travel between locations. You must visit all locations on a map to find a travel portal.

As they say, gamers are never satisfied with the options. Here is a list of 10 games that are just like the corruption of champions that you will love to play.

Best Games Like Corruption Of Champions You Must Look Out For

Here is a rundown of the best ten games that you must have a look at if you are looking for games that are like corruption of champions:

The poor whore

This can be a joy for those who enjoy text-based games. This game can be downloaded and functions as the first person on the device. It allows players to perform different tasks such as exploring the environment, interacting with the new characters, and performing the search to move forward. This game can be downloaded from Windows. The game offers a lot of customization options and sex experiences from a second-person perspective.

Free Cities

With an unknown creator, you have Free Cities, a game that is based on the concept of slavery with extreme sexual elements, just like Corruptions of Champions. The game works around the basic elements of slavery that are selling, buying, and training of the slaves that are there in the game. As a slave merchant, you get absolute control over your slaves when you start the game. With all your girls, you get some sexual choices too.

Fall Of Eden

The game is completely based on supernatural characters. You get to fight with monsters and devils. The game’s main character enters an abandoned house as the game begins and inadvertently discovers a gateway between the earth and the demon realm.

The queen attempts to seduce you as you journey to the demon land, but when you play the game, you can find out you need to communicate with the goddess queen Aria to live and finish the game. As you get lost in Eden’s backyard, you explore the place to find another portal to get back to Eden

Carnal Souls

Those enjoying intimate gaming would love this. Carnal Souls is an open-world fantasy video game focused on RPG with plenty of sexual content in it.

This game features a mind-blowing plot, numerous options for changing characters, solving and uncovering stories, finding the treasure, and discovering beautiful new locations.

It provides battle modes to remind you of the Witcher Series and enables you to book with the bosses and enemy. You are getting different options to seduce the demons.

Kingdom Of Loathing

The game is playable in two modes; multiplayer or single-mode. It can be played online on the Web and does not require a game download to play.

This game helps you to create the characters and graphics for your gaming environment.

The player will have to combat and beat the monsters to win prizes, experience points, gain skills, gather goods and meat, and more.

It also allows the player to participate in trade or agriculture to increase the economy. The game starts with you having to select your character’s gender and then pick the theme from six levels.

Since you also have a multiplayer mode in the game, you can build your team with the other players by interacting with them through an option to chat with.

My Very Own Lith

This is a slightly advanced game in the Games genre, like Champions Cheating.

It needs a flash player and can be played online on a website without downloading it to your device.

The ‘My Very Own Lith’ game completely satisfies the players with an exciting element. It provides different versions of the game, including support versions with extra hands for the player, such as cheats, deluxe versions, and public versions.


You have Torn through thousands of successful teams. You start your new life in this game as you shape your life through the choices you make. You start the game by creating your free account to play this game on multiple devices. You can start your Car Business, or you can be your state’s Mafia Boss. With this game, there are boundless possibilities.

Make sure you are willing to spend plenty of your time and effort in this game before you start the game.

Trials Of Tainted Space

You enter the game while exploring the world, discovering and unlocking new characters, and beginning your adventure in-game. The Trails of Tainted Space, created by Fenexo and the team that designed Champions Corruptions, is the second most successful text-based game after COC. Often famous because of its romantic and sexual elements

The story revolves around the life of the principal character who inherited his father’s left ship as he set out to acquire more power and money. You get to interact as the main character and have romantic experiences with other characters. You get more character customization choices than any other game on the list.

Cyberpunk Adventures

Another excellent text-based RPG game you’ll certainly enjoy. You’ll completely love the game with outstanding graphics and soundtracks. Unlike Champions Corruption, however, you are getting a game that focuses more on a text-based adventure than on erotic elements.

The game’s location is based in NeoSushi City, and it is one of the best places that you get to enjoy and explore while playing the game. You will be playing immersive stuff like talking elevators and hotels with capsules as you play this very cool game.

Spider and Web

Last but not least, we have these games called Spider and Web. Spider and Web were developed in 1998 and is an entertaining adventure thriller you’ll enjoy. The plot revolves around your character, who was abducted while doing his business with spies. You get to know the situation you’re in as you play the game.


These were some of the best games that are just like the corruption of champions that you can enjoy playing with your mates. If you’re looking for something similar to Champions Corruption, these are the best text games, you’ll find online. Some of these games you can play online while others are not available for offline download. Turn your computer laptops ON and start playing those awesome games. Hope you enjoyed reading if you have anything else in mind do let us know and we will try to cover that game too. 

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