15 Games Like The Sims for PC, Mobile, or Online RPG Gaming

15 Games Like the Sims for PC, Mobile, or Online RPG Gaming

The SIMS is an excellent game in which the users get to make their own family and take care of them. It acts like you are the head of the family, and you need to delegate duties to them and decide their roles and functions. The game helps you make a dream home for the Sim’s.

If you are in search of the games that look similar to the sims and offer you better performance than this one, then you must have a look at our article. Today we will discuss the 15 games that provide you with a similar experience than this most loved game.

Games Like Sims That You Must Look For

Here is a quick rundown of similar games like sims that you can play on your mobile. PC or can use for online RPG gaming too:

Second Life

This game has been in the limelight since 2003 and has a vast number of users connected to it. The players get to select from the range of avatars and enjoy playing in the way they want. The user interface is excellent, and the graphics are great. If you like to dress up your family members, you will love the second life. You can also build your own home and work on the architecture of the same.

StarDew Valley

The game offers you to work on the farm of your grandfather. The farm is in Stardew valley and has old tools that you have to use and bring out the best from it. The game offers you a limited budget to start with and initially grow as you proceed. You will meet a lot of people who have their farms and their struggles. The game will offer you to understand their lives. There are a lot of stages to clear from recipe enhancement to skill managing.


The game revolves around what life is like a Kpop star. It helps you live the life of a star and makes you go through different hurdles they face. You get to select the singer of your choice, and also you get to dress up in a hundred different ways when you hit the floor to compete with your rivals.

Touch includes a changing room for players to decorate most of your Sim’s home. There’s also online chat and guilds to enter, where you can band to participate in tournaments with other teams. Touch has an online element that lacks The Sims, so consider this one if you like the K-pop genre.

Avakin Life

This game is a combination and mixture of different games and is the only one you can play on your smartphone. You can make your avatar and get to change from more than 100 dressing styles. You can become a trendsetter or can lead the life of a fashion star. The players also get to build their home in the great locations and flaunt it is full style.


If you love to manage your family members’ lives, then this one will be the best option for you. The games help you control the life of others and make decisions for them. The game was designed in 2006 and has been gaining a lot of gamers’ attention since then.

The one thing that the game lacks are the 3D graphics, but it helps you enjoy the feeling of a strategy game and the family one.

Virtual Families

Though the game was a hit in its initial days, it still did not create many buzzes and gain the attention it could have. You get to choose a mate and start your family. The best thing about this game is introducing random scenarios that help you understand situations and come up with right solutions.

7 Sins

7 Sins is a fun concept simulation game for life. Avatars are driven by social decisions about their seven deadly sins. The match is held in the city of Apple. Player choices in the game are based on pride, anger, covetousness, envy, lust, sloth, and gluttony.

To ascend the social stage, ties must be established, which opens up new missions. The game contains more than 100 characters to interact and create relationships in the game.

The Movies

The next one on our list is the game named the movies. This game was launched after the Sins made a considerable success. By this time, gamers were looking for better options, and the film solved them. As the name gives an idea about the same, it is a game where the players are given a script, and they have to direct a movie. There are different sequences where you have to enact with the stars and bring out the best shots.


Get to enjoy flirting with your mates in this game. Though the game had a lot of potential for the gamers, it still did not make the users stick to it and was not a very successful one. Players follow their routines to advance their characters from small conversations to professing love and ultimately to bed. The game focuses rather than handling a character’s daily lives on establishing ties and having sex.

My Time At Portia

This game can be said to be an amalgamation of different games out there. If you feel you need to look for the best options similar to sims, this one is a great option. At Portia, my time merges many of the play elements found in a game like Stardew Valley, which you can build in a game like SIMS to combine them with relationships and ties.

You can connect with a great deal of quirky NPC and create an intense relationship, as you can develop romantic relationships, marry, start living with your new partner, and more. In Portia town, there’s just so much fun to have.

Family House Game

As the name suggests, it is a family game. The game simply focuses on different areas like building up your own house, taking care of your family members, growing your food, and helping your members to lead a comfortable life. the game also has an option where you can find the history of your family and also connect with the ancestors.


The game was a massive success in its time and was loved by the gamers. It had a lot to offer to the users and had and excellent interface. You are responsible for preserving every centimeter of your city and the different elements that will operate it from budget to map out public transit systems.

It promotes artistic independence and enables you to determine the future of your whole region. You will also be required to tackle specific issues in the game, such as natural disasters, water pollution, and more, that actual cities currently deal with.

House Flipper

This is a straightforward game and offers endless customization options to the users. It keeps you hooked up for an entire day. It was a huge success the moment it was launched. It created a lot of buzz with the gamers and gave them an excellent user experience. All round the game, you will be provided with different tasks that you have to complete, from painting to cooking and taking care of the members.

Animal Crossing

This is a very colorful game and is loved for the positivity it offers to gamers. You are not given a family in this game but are sent to a village with villagers and their animals. You have to keep a check on these villagers and also help them with their animals. You can build your home, decorate them in different themes, and select other items you want to keep in your home. You can also do farming and breed other animals and flowers.


Players create a space that they can decorate to the content of their hearts. Players can chat and invite to their area with other players as well. Players can create products and sell them to other players in the game. The game includes currency systems to pay developers who create game items.


These were the top fifteen games like Sims that you could look for and enjoy playing with the best user experience. If you were looking out for the best games that can help you with the best interface then these are going to be your best companion. All you need to do is to install them and get going. None of the games are going to disappoint you. 

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