How to fix windows host process rundll32 high disk usage

It is generally happening in the system that when assembled programs and tools begin to pick up more load while processing the data of the software, it begins to show any kinds of errors and interruptions. The CPU has been manufactured or designed based on handling the appropriate pressure of the workload done by the user. Not all CPUs are the same. Some are made by the use of office purposes And many are used by the purpose of home computers. If you are using a Windows operating system then you will face this rundll32 Error many times. Let’s analyze the causes and solution of this error in detail.

Windows host process rundll32 high disk usage

There are several types of. DLL processes in the computer certainly arise due to excessive use of programming tools together and performing where are multitasking performances. Arriving this error will slow down the system process and can cause the certain or sudden shutdown of some applications in your computer while you Are using them. These things are run by some kind of application logic which will be simultaneously coordinating with the system tools and programs. Different kinds of.dll files are responsible for different kind of errors in the system which needs to be figured out correctly and to be solved on time. If these things are not solved on time, then this kind of error can cause extreme Interruption and then become an obstacle while performing your daily tasks and work. What is the full form of DLL files is the ‘Dynamic Link Library’ means that this kind of file is widely spread it and connected to many software and tools in the system. This kind of error creates an interaction while accessing the software and data of your computer. It is also seen by many users that while performing high disk usage, this problem arises.

Method 1: Disable items for the Task Scheduler

Step 1. You need to open the administrative tools Which you will find in the search bar of the computer by pressing the Windows+S button. Using a Windows operating system with high load processes and high disk usage can cause the problem of rundll32.exe Which is responsible for the conception of high disk usage of the CPU. Many users faced this problem and came out with this proper solution to disable the items of the task scheduler. If you want to change the settings to normal in the future, then you can do this also. Step 2.  Now the administrative tools which open in the Control Panel, you need to find the task scheduler from the given options. Step 3. When you will be able to find the task scheduler, Then you will have to navigate yourself to the option ‘customer experience improvements’. Step 4. In this menu, you will find the advanced setting in the edit column where you will find the option to disable the items. Step 5. There will be so many options in that dialogue box, and if you can see in the last line, You will see the option to disable the item.

Method 2: Disabling Telemetry Services

It is the program of the system to collect information from different kinds of Data in the system and then Deliver It to the user in the way he wants. Many programs learn from themselves to give their best result to the user in the future that is why the computer is called artificial intelligence. The performance of this kind of service in the system can cause high disk usage in the CPU which is why it needs to regulate and corrected on time to deal with such problems. To disable this kind of service, you can follow these simple instructions and perform them step-by-step to get the best results. Step 1. You have to open the Run application window by pressing the Windows+R button on your keyboard. Step 2. Performing this step will help you to open a dialogue box in which you have to type ‘services. MSC’ and then a new window will open. Step 3. You will see a new dialogue box in which you have to find the connected user experience column where you have to open the settings for it. Step 4. After opening settings, in the general menu, you will be able to see the option to disable it. Apply that setting and click on the okay button.

Method 3: Renaming aienv.dll

When you are using a Windows operating system, you will be able to find the library services in the name of the above-mentioned title. This is simply a kind of File that is used to experience some sort of multi-functioning in the system. This kind of file is produced due to the software or applications you install on the computer and this file is not a kind of file that is already present on the computer. Many users are saying that renaming this file can be a solution to removing the problem of high disk usage rundll32. To rename this file, call the simple steps mentioned below. Step 1. You need to go into the system 32 files of your C drive in the system. Step 2. As you navigate yourself to this folder, then you have to type in the search box regarding the ‘aeinv.dll’ file. As you type this file name in the search box, all the files related to this name will be shown on the screen. Step 3. The traditional method is by right-clicking on the file to rename it. Step 4. After renaming the file, Make sure that you restart the computer to save your Computer from losing necessary files.

Method 4: Uninstalling the Google App engine

This engine is responsible for the development of applications that are connected or concerned with the web portal in the system. This application performs automatically in the system to regulate and develop the performance and output of the system software which are related to the Google web services. Many users have seen that the installation of this engine can cause high disk usage and rundll32.exe problems in the system. To get rid of this issue, you can follow these simple steps to install the Google app engine. Step 1. Open the control panel in your computer with the help of the run application window. Step 2. There you can find ‘uninstall a program’ in the program menu. Step 3. Edit to find the Google app engine in that window and then you can perform the further task or process to uninstall the same.


Follow these simple methods and techniques to solve the issue Of rundll32.exe which is causing high disk usage and making you irritate by giving interruptions and obstacles while performing and running various applications and software. All the methods mentioned above are safe to use and won’t harm any system data and files.

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