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How to find out your Laptop Screen Size without Measuring?

People in this world have a variety of options and preferences. Some people prefer larger computers with larger screens. At the same time, others prefer smaller laptops with tiny screens because they take up less room.

Some people get confused about the size of their system’s screen to fix their issues. Most probably, you have also heard the question of how to find out your laptop screen size without measuring.Are you also worried about this question?

If yes, then forget about all and stick out this article!

How to Determine the Screen Size of a Laptop Without Measuring? 

Laptop displays come in a variety of sizes and aspect ratios. The most significant element of a laptop is its screen, as it is the first thing that entices a client to buy it. As a result, the screen size is crucial.

In addition, the larger the display, the more expensive the version of that brand would be. Thus, you only need 2 minutes of your time to check the size of your laptop screen. It is a straightforward task to complete.

Even if you don’t have a tape, you might still want to know your laptop screen’s actual size. You will find the screen size by checking the webpage for laptop characteristics.

You can also learn other helpful details about your display. The characteristics page of your laptop contains all of the facts relevant to your computer.

You have to look for a service mode “Display,” “Panel,” or something similar in the instructions. In that area, the screen size is stated in inches.

To physically measure the screen, you will usually need to use tape.

How to check the laptop screen size? 

You will get puzzled if you are not a professional technical person. It is simple to mistake the number that appears with your laptop’s brand, for example, 13.3″ Dell Inspiron for the size of the computer. In reality, the figure represents the size of a laptop’s screen.

The screen size can be the same on specific systems, but the dimensions will be different. How do you determine the size of a laptop screen?

Following are some approaches to determine screen size:

  • Reading the Laptop Manual 
  • Watching the Backside of Laptop 
  • Visiting the official website 
  • Search for the Laptop Online 

Viewing the Laptop Manual 

Open the computer’s documentation to check the details. After that, look for the display parameters to double-check the measurements you obtained with the tape measure. The specifications of the laptop screen are listed in the instructions.

Viewing the Backside of Laptop 

You have to rotate your laptop over and look for a label with the laptop brand. Also, you will see some critical specifications on the underside. It also includes the size of the display panel.

Aside from that, the screen size is displayed in numerals on the upper top side of some laptops. For instance, H243HX denotes a larger screen of 24 inches.

Visiting the official website 

You can determine the display size of your laptop can by searching the web. In this way, you will access the company portal of your laptop manufacturer and model number. It will offer you the laptop screen’s production dimensions.

Search for the Laptop Online 

It only takes a few seconds to determine the size after you have the data. You have to enter the user manual and look for it on Google, the maker’s website, or the news site where you acquired or purchased the laptop. You can then select the other range of measures that best fit your search.

One extra advantage is that the outcome will display the specs and other crucial hardware details.

Some common mistakes while measuring the laptop’s screen

  1. When evaluating your display size, the most frequent error is to include the border region or the edge around the panel. You consider only the glass area of the device without any boundary.
  2. Thus, it has not concerned whether you have detached the LCD screen from the top of the computer or is still in position.
  3. The 2nd most frequent blunder is measuring the screen horizontally from edge to edge. You only evaluate the glass area horizontally from side to side. For instance, within the border region, from the bottom left corner to the upper right side.


This article revolves around the question of how to find out your laptop screen without measuring.In many cases, you may ask what the dimensions of your system are. So, keeping this in view, I have covered some points that will help you out.

Also, you need to know the dimensions of your system; if your laptop screen is broken, you may need to contact technical support.

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