How to Make Laptop Screen Brighter than Max?

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It is the most common question to ask that how to make laptop screen brighter than max. Thus, many current devices regulate the display brightness remotely, but most laptops still have a light preset button.

Once you have increased brightness, you will also want to take additional steps to brighten things up even more. So, you can increase the lighting of your computer or laptop quickly along with different tools and applications.

In this article, I will assist you in how you can accurately do this. So, let’s have a start!


How to adjust the brightness of the screen? 

If you have a windows pc, laptop, or smartphone, you can increase the contrast of your screen in various ways. The simplest method is to seek a sun-shaped icon on your keypad.

It is mainly found over the F1 and F2 keys, with the F1 key lowering and the F2 key illuminating the displays. On a desktop pc, pressing F2 until the required illumination is reached is the alternative button for brightness.

If you are using Windows 10, go to the Control Center, and it is a square button on the right side of your desktop. It will bring you to a selector to adjust the brightness of an image on your display screen.


You can dynamically change illumination on MacBook machines by going to the Apple menu. There you have to select Structure Preferences>Displays. If these selections aren’t light enough, you can utilize apps or adjustments to get the intensity you want.

Adjusting brightness using your laptop’s key


On most computers, you can use the dedicated keys on the keyboard to control the screen brightness. The luminance sign is generally seen on the keyboard with a specific symbol of illumination.

The intensity keys are frequently functional controls. For example, these keys perform a specific function when pressed along with pressing the Fn key.


Usually, the Fn key is found on the left side of the keyboard. Thus, you may find the brightness control buttons on your power button or at the base of your keyboard. For instance, to alter the Dell XPS laptop keyboard, press the Fn key and hit F11 or F12.

Other computer keys are explicitly devoted to adjusting the brightness. Unfortunately, there is no Fn option on the HP Chromebook keypad. So, instead of that, use the lighting controls.


On your Chromebook, you can also increase the brightness along with simple methods. You will need to press one of the two adjustment buttons on a Chromebook to increase the illumination. The little crank dims the light while the larger gear brightens it. Thus, they are placed at the top of the keyboard.


Apps used to increase the Brightness of the Screen 

The Lux application allows you to set your device’s min and max illumination. In addition, your screen brightness fluctuates with the CF. Lumen app sets brightness depending on where you are and what time of day it is. Besides that, you can customize a few of the settings.

Intensity Slider is a screen-brightness program for Mac computers that you can use for brightness. This program allows you to personalize the appearance of your screen by adjusting the brightness of the lighting. This program allows you to personalize the appearance of your screen by adjusting the brightness of the lighting.

How to adjust brightness in the operating system 


How to adjust brightness in the operating system? 

You can also use your operating system’s software parameters to alter the luminance of your display. Let’s discuss how you can adjust it:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Apple macOS
  • Linux

Windows 10 

In windows 10, you can use several ways to adjust the brightness more than maximum. Following are few approaches that can help you:

  • Using the Taskbar Battery Icon
  • Using Windows Mobility Center
  • Using the Control Panel

Windows 8 

  • Activate the Charms bar.
  • Choose the charm that indicates “Settings.”
  • Here you can select the brightness icon.
  • Using your cursor or the up and down arrow buttons on your keyboard, move the adjuster down and up.

Windows 7 

  • Go to the Settings Menu and click on it.
  • Choose your sound and hardware.
  • Select the Power Options tab.
  • Adjust the intensity slider at the bottom of the screen with your mouse.

Apple macOS 

  • Select System Preferences from the Apple Menu.
  • Go to Screens and select it.
  • Increase the contrast with the intensity slider.
  • Then check the box labeled
  • You can automatically modify intensity if you want your light to alter automatically near your laptop.

Adjusting the brightness in Linux 

Brightening adjustments are included in many Linux window managers’ options panels. On Ubuntu computers with the Unity window system, you can adjust the brightness:

  • Toggle to the right of the menu bar and select the icon.
  • After that, select System Options.
  • Now Select Brightness & Lock from the drop-down menu.
  • Here you can adjust the brightness.


Above I have mentioned all the possible approaches to solve how to make laptop screen brighter than max. By following all the methods, you can quickly get the answer to your question.

If the lighting is still insufficient after following the procedures above, connect your laptop to the outlet. Then do follow the different ideas and get the ease.

If you found this article problem-solving for you, then do share your positive reviews with me!


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