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How to Use Mi Drop on Windows PC


You might be afraid of losing your device data much time. In that case, you take a backup of the device or trader or copy those files to your PC. To do such transferring, you need a software or an application which supports to fulfil the same desire or goal. If you don’t have much data on your phone, then the cloud sharing is good, but if you are handling tons of data in your device, then you need to dump that content into the PC through a particular app. Here, a wireless working app, MI drop will help you if you have a Xiaomi Phone. Follow these simple steps to get your work done.

How to use :s

Step 1: If you have the MI device running on MIUI 9, then you will have the My drop application in your phone by default. And if your phone is old and not having the app, then you need to go to the play store to download the app. Also, manage to get this My drop in your PC too. First, make sure that you have a properly working application of MI Drop in your MI device and PC.

Step 2: Connect both your phone and the laptop or PC to the same wifi network, as the file transfer process will need a medium of wifi to transfer the required files from your device to the PC.  If your device and the PC are unable to connect to the same network, then it is suggested to restart both the devices and then try again until it gets perfectly to connect.

Step 3: In your phone, when you start the application MI drop, you will see so many options there in the options bar. There you will need to select the option ’connect to computer’ first and then you will need to select the option ’start’.

Step 4: After the successful connection of the PC a d your device, You have to select all the categories which you need to transfer from the device to your PC. It’s totally upon you what to choose to transfer in the PC.

Step 5: You will get a note of FTP address which is being shown on the screen of your phone. This link is very important as these link will be useful to initiate the file transfer from your device to your computer.

Step 6: Now you will need to open the internet explorer or folder on your PC. There, you can see a search box where you can enter the address to search for the content. In the previous step, you got an FTP link address, and that link is useful here. Type or copy that FTP address into the search box, and you will be able to see all the files or categories you selected to transfer to your PC.

Step 7: As you can see the content of the phone listed on the screen which you want to transfer. You can now easily select all those files which you need to copy or transfer in your PC from your device. As the processing is happening over the wifi network, you don’t need any kind of cable connection between your PC and the device.

Step 8: When you feel that your work has been completed and now there is no need any further wifi network between your device and the PC, then you can tap on ’Stop’ option in your device. This will stop all the processing or the link between your PC and the computer.

Step 9: After getting all the work done, make sure that you have a separate folder for your back up data in your PC. Sometimes it happens that the backup data get lost somewhere in the PC Because of less care. So it is advised to create a separate folder for the backup data in your PC to ensure the safety of the data.

Everybody now uses such simple applications to transfer the media files or important document from the device to the PC. This is the simple platforms on which you can perform the process very well.  There are a lot more options and features in the My Drop which you can use to carry your further processing. The features of My drop areas follows;

  1. This app works better wirelessly without the use of USB.
  2. This app is can protect your files and processing with passwords.
  3. All the other OME’s devices apart from Xiaomi can use this app for free.


  • What if we are not able to connect to the same wifi network?
  • It is advised to restart both the devices to make a successful connection between the two devices.
  • Can we configure the app for asking password?
  • Yes, it is possible to make this setting enable in the phone. You will see in the setting to enable the app in such a way that it asks for the password each time you use it.
  • Can we transfer important document along with the photos to PC?
  • All the files which have been in your device for so long can be transferred to the PC easily without any issue.
  • Is it important to have a SIM card in the phone for a better network?
  • No, as wifi is a separate network to share data. So you don’t need any SIM card or internet connection for better speed.
  • Do we need any antivirus in our Pac?
  • As such it is not necessary to complete the procedure. But, if you want to protect the files from being corrupt by viruses, then you must have any kind of antivirus in your PC.


These were the simple step and process which you will need to perform in the PC and the devices to transfer your important files and documents from your device to your PC. This is a licensed append you will not get any kind of trouble after using this app in your PC. After sharing the file, make sure that all the connections have been turned off to ensure the safety of both device and PC. This is all that you need to do.



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