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Anime is recognized as a popular culture that took birth in Japan. The word “Anime” is thought to have produced from the French word “anime,” which implies “lively.” 

Old anime movies were designed originally for the Japanese audiences that are indicated by many artistic sources that are originated from Japan, like big eyes, pale skin, etc. The first and foremost anime series in Japan was produced by an animator named Osamu Tezuka, who is considered as the father of Anime. Anime has traveled overseas to enter into nations other than Japan. 

Anime viewers are now dispersed all over the world, and many Anime telecasting websites have become popular these days in no time. 

Kissanime is the website that strikes your mind when you think of anime series. But, there have been reports running around that Kissanime is not a secure website, it contains malware and viruses, which can destroy the systems and devices of the users. Also, these days Kissanime was shut down. To avoid such complications you have to find alternatives.

These are the top 10 alternative websites for Kissanime to watch Anime:

1. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is one of the safest and legal anime telecasting alternative websites to KissAnime. They have a large compilation of Anime series over many diverse sorts and genres. AnimeLab declares to have one of the biggest Anime archives online, making it the ideal place to watch Anime.

  • AnimeLab also has a wonderful characteristic that isolates it from all the remaining competitive websites out there. 
  • When you scroll over the thumbnail of a show, it gives you a summary of the Anime episode, along with the title of the show, the total number of episodes, spectator rating, subtitles settings, and language options.
  • AnimeLab also works on almost every device like Android, iOS, SmartTV, etc.

2. Animefreak:

Animefreak is one of the extremely famous Anime websites which provides you with a huge collection of Anime series of good quality, free of cost.

  • There are hundreds of Anime series that are streaming on AnimeFreak in which you can begin viewing immediately without spending money or registration.
  • The interface and networking of the AnimeFreak are not much distinct from any other website. 
  • There are all the related sections of anime are available that most of the different websites provide us like searching by style, systematic order of content, the newest anime series, and many more. 
  • The colors on Animefreak are vibrant and attractive. It is an amazing website that you can view to satisfy all your anime requirements. It has an engaging interface with a wonderful picture layout and theme.

3. Chia-Anime:

Chia-Anime is started on January 1st, 2009. It is a prominent site for downloading anime and also the manga series. The website is available from any part of the world and contributes a huge number of anime series. 

  • The main page provides you all the newest and trending anime series for you to choose.
  •  There is no problem with subtitles as every episode of the series is subbed, and you can obtain translated content available in different languages therefore it will be an advantage for the anime lovers who are not familiar with Japanese.

4. GoGo anime:

GogoAnime is a website that comes with free of cost to see your beloved anime series. It consists of hundreds of anime series and dramas collection to pick from. Gogo Anime comes in two diverse compositions, one is English dubbed and the other one is subbed. 

  • Every anime thumbnail is clearly mentioned and displayed as either it belongs to the category of subbed or dubbed which makes your efforts simple for browsing. 
  • There’s also a dedicated page for all the non-Japanese anime fans that provide English dubbed series. In terms of the website users’ response, the GoGo Anime website is pretty smooth and comfortable to use. 
  • You can search names according to style, period, freshly added, and achievement rank. 
  • There is also a specific page that incorporates all the anime dramas and series that is trending and popular among the audiences. 

5. AnimeFrenzy:

AnimeFrenzy is another website alike to KissAnime that offers you a broad range of anime series collection. Like other anime websites, it is renewed with the newest anime series, and the interface is upgraded every day on a regular basis. 

  • The website also offers a collection of an American comic series in its archives, which makes it adaptable and handy to use. The contents are also well established for faster sorting, and the home page is clear of objectionable materials. 
  • Also, it has a “Random” feature, which offers you a chancy Anime series recommendation for people who are stuck in a dilemma of what to see. 
  • The website also provides an android application that is downloadable from the Play Store, so whenever the new Anime series releases that you can watch it immediately. 
  • With its different content, the website is considered as a favorite website for many anime lovers. 
  • While streaming, you can also interact with other Anime fans who are watching parallelly with you the same episodes on the website using the chat option.
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6. Crunchyroll:

Crunchyroll is an anime series telecasting website that brings some of the most famous programs and mangas to your reach, no matter where you reside. you can use the website for free of cost.

  • The website also gives you an introduction to the latest episodes of your preferred series the next day after the series is released in Japan. Crunchyroll consists of a vast number of anime series, manga series, and Japanese dramas from back in time to the newest. 
  • There is an episode for almost every kind of series, with popular releases. If you rather choose manga, thousands of novels are available on the website for no charge. 
  • It is a legal website that consists almost of 25000+ episodes of anime series available in different languages.
  • This website can be viewed on both android and IOS devices, also over Xbox and Google Chromecast.

7. 9Anime

9Anime consists of a huge collection of anime series, for about 26000 shows. you can View your favorite Anime in HD quality and the English language on the 9Anime website. This video distribution gateway is available for free to obtain and includes a huge list of Anime films, shows, and anime web series.

  • This website is subbed and dubbed, but you might not find all of them with subtitles. You can also view some of the recommended videos by clicking on the trending videos tab of the website. It allows you to request the admin of the website about the series or episodes that are not present on the website.
  •  It offers you two different modes one is the dark mode and another one is the light mode of which dark mode gives your eyes the comfort to watch for a long time.

8. Anime Season

The compilation of Anime series on Anime season is so huge that you can relax and kill hours while watching them. Anime Season features most of the popular Anime series like Neo yokio, kakegurui, Hunter, naruto, etc.

  • The website layout of Anime Season is surprisingly beautiful. Exploring and finding almost any Anime episode on Anime Season is very simple and it comes handy. 
  • The Anime Season website is quite a famous website in the Anime fan world for clear reasons.
  • It’s completely free of cost to stream almost any Anime series or drams on Anime Season with the least interferences of advertisement. Also, the video nature is of HD quality which is also a notable advantage of using Anime Season. 
  • There is a lengthy listing of currently streaming Anime series which you can watch instantly on Anime Season.
  • Also, there are sections like complete seasons of Series Listing, Recently released Series, Top Rated Series, to scan through your beloved anime series.

9. Anime planet:

Anime-Planet is another top option for viewing anime series online. It contributes a great interface to make browsing activity easy and comfortable. 

  • It provides over 45,000 legal anime episodes. 

The website is skillfully and expertly created, it appears like a premium website but it is free of cost. 

  • It produces a list of suggestions based on your choices. 
  • If you want to unite with people like you that share a common interest like love to watch anime and manga series online, you can enter the Anime-Planet association.
  • Anime-Planet highlights famous and most viewed anime of the current week, Newest anime suggestions, etc on the main page. 
  • It makes it clear to understand what is famous and what is trending.
  • Also on this website, you can get the particulars about the Characters, release dates, feedbacks, ratings, reviews, etc, about the anime and manga series.
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10. AniWatcher:

AniWatcher is the most honest anime website out there. The website creators did their best to enhance the anime streaming activity. The AniWatcher main page consists of some of the most famous anime series accessible on the website and data about them.

  • It also provides you with interesting links like a table of all free Anime, continuing series, casual Anime series, and the newest episodes, films, and anime suggestions. The Anime list that is offered on the website is regularly renewed.
  • Aniwatcher offers both translated anime and also subtitled Anime. This website also enables you to stream for free anime without having to register for a statement or provide any private data.

Watching Anime is extreme fun. The fad of Anime can only be appreciated by those who love seeing Anime series. TheKissAnime alternatives list that has been put collectively for anime fans provides some of the best anime shows that are available online. 

You do not have to be worried about your beloved source of enjoyment if KissAnime closes down as you now have a way to one of the best websites as KissAnime alternatives.All of the websites present you with tons of anime videos, films, and dramas. 

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