5 Ways To Get Spotify Premium For Free

5 Ways To Get Spotify Premium For Free


Are you searching for the Spotify premium version for free on your Android device without investing a single penny from your pocket?

If you answer this question “yes” in your mind then you are reading the right article that can guide you to fulfill your desire. In this article, we will take you through the guidance about where you can find all the Spotify paid features for free and how you can install it on your device to enjoy the full benefits of this App without getting charged.

What is Spotify?

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a music streaming application that is widely used by millions of individuals, which allows you to listen to thousands of music tracks and provide you the opportunity to create your genre of the music playlist, podcast, and songs.

With Spotify, you can share your personalized music with your best buddy. It has features that allow you to sync your music with other devices as well.

It offers two special types of account:

  • Spotify Free:- to receive the Spotify free version you just need to sign up with your valid email address that will take a few minutes. But Spotify’s free version comes with certain limitations like duffel music play, audio & video advertisement and you are not allowed to skip music if you are using Spotify free version.
  • Spotify Premium:- premium version of Spotify comes with world-class features that any music lover could opt for. here with the premium version you can listen to your favorite music with zero interruption of ads, you are not restricted to skip songs even you can download songs for offline use.

Talking about the Premium Version of Spotify, it offers three paid plans for its users that cost from $4.99 to as high as $14.99 for students to Family purpose use (that consist of six accounts). But here comes the problem that most of us find Spotify is not affordable to use, Don’t worry let’s look at some ways by which Spotify can be used to the fullest without any investment.

1. Using 90 days Premium Trial Accounts:

Using 90 days Premium Trial Accounts

The easiest way and very convenient way to receive the benefits of Spotify Premium Version is to take the 90 days trial version of it before it was for 30 days though. The only cons of it that you need to create a new email id in every 90 days to sign up as a new user. And this hack is working on every platform of your devices from Android to Mac.

2. Join Friends Spotify Accounts:

join Friends Spotify Account

Spotify includes multiple Premium plan as follows:-

  • Individual.
  • Student.
  • Family.

Here, Spotify Family plans to allow you to include six premium account at a highly discounted cost of $ 14.99 thus means 2.49 USD ( if my math is correct) whereas if you go to purchase an individual plan that will cost you 2.99 USD per month. Hence Family plan is much Cheap.

Now have a look at two possible option:

Case 1:- All you need to do is to look for 5 people who are interested to take Spotify premium with you and sync all six accounts with Spotify and you can start listening to your favorite tracks at a cheap price.

Case 2:- You can find friends who are part of the Spotify family plan and you could ask for allow to be on this Pack.

3. Android: Install Spotify Premium MOD Cracked APK:

Android: Install Spotify Premium MOD Cracked APK

For Android users, they can use the modded Spotify Cracked App that will allow you to enjoy all the premium Spotify features on your account sync with this app you just need to install this Cracked Version by the like provided.

Steps to Install on your Android Device:

  • If you already installed this app would suggest uninstalling it first.
  • Install modded Spotify version from this link:- https://bestforandroid.com/apk/spotify-premium-mod-apk/
  • This Apk file would in the compressed format you need to open it through file Explorer to extract the file.
  • Now when you installing this app your device may ask to allow installation from unknown sources.
  • After installation sign in through your email address and enjoy the premium version of Spotify.

4.iOS/iPhone Methode: install Spotify ++ using Cydia Impactor:

iOS/iPhone Methode: install Spotify ++ using Cydia Impactor

The best way to enjoy Spotify Premium Features on your iOS/ iPhone is to install Spotify ++ App from Trusted sources like Cydia Impactor, let’s look at the ways to install

  • On your Mac or PC open the browser and go to the site: cydiaimpactor.com and according to your device operating system install the app.
  • The app file would be in the compact format you need to follow some instructions to unzip it.
  • Then, connect your iPhone with your PC through the possible option.
  • Then download the Spotify++ Mod ipa file for your iPhone.
  • Now open Cydia impactor and drop your ipa app and it will appear on your Cydia App, you just need to tap on it to open and enjoy Spotify Premium.

5. iOS/iPhone Methode 2nd: Install Spotify ++ using Appvalley or TweakApp:

iOS/iPhone Methode 2nd: Install Spotify ++ using Appvalley or TweakApp

Installing the Spotify ++ app is the easiest and very conveying way to enjoy Spotify premium features on your iOS and this can be done by installing Spotify from trusted sources like Appvalley or TweakApp. Let’s look at the way to download.

  • you need to uninstall any previous version of Spotify if you are using it.
  •  Open Safari web browser and link to the app installing site like Appvalley or TweakApp to download the file.
  • Now tap and open the app that you installed.
  • And after that go to the search bar on the app and search Spotify++ or Spotify premium, whatever you received.
  • Now start enjoying music with ads-free and no restriction on Skipping music.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1. Why is the Spotify application continuing to log me out on Android?

Please follow the necessary steps to resolve these errors.

  • First, go to the settings section and look for App and then tap on Spotify application.
  • On the Spotify app, Tap on Clear data or Clear cache. This is very important otherwise these hacks will not work.
  • After doing that install any VPN application from the play store.
  • Now, go to the VPN app and start it. (let’s say you can set your country location like Germany)
  • Then open the Spotify app and after putting in your credential you will start enjoying music.

2. Why do songs from Spotify not work to download and listen offline?

You can only download songs and listen to it in your free time or say you can listen offline, by only take Spotify Premium,

Offline music listing is not available with Spotify’s free version.

3. Why we need to use a VPN for Spotify?

VPN is required. For the first time, however. Once you have registered in and the premium features are available, you can uninstall VPN on your mobile device. The VPN trick is used to circumvent national constraints and it allows anyone from anywhere in the world to get Spotify Premium free of charge. You may not be able to login to Spotify if you do not use VPN.


In this article, we have shared much information regarding how you can use Spotify Premium for Free and take the benefits of its features. So your request you share this idea with your friends and others and also tell us which platform you are using to get Spotify Premium for free.

Note:– “The directions in this article are for education purposes only, and we will not be responsible for them if Spotify Premium app suspends your account

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