What is the Updates folder in Gmail on Android?


Email now plays a crucial role in communicating and keeping informed in the digital era. Google’s well-known email service, Gmail, offers many features and functionalities to improve the user experience. One such feature is the “Updates” folder, which was created especially to simplify and arrange crucial information. The Updates folder in Gmail for Android will be thoroughly discussed in this blog post, along with its benefits and best practices.

Understanding the Updates Folder:

  1. On Android smartphones, the Gmail software has a dedicated section called the Updates folder that automatically classifies and prioritizes emails about significant updates from multiple sources. It serves as a central location for notifications, including those on reservations, flights, and shipping updates. Gmail filters these emails intelligently to prevent them from piling up in your main inbox, allowing you to concentrate on more essential communications.

Simplifying your inbox experience:

  1. Managing your inbox can be difficult due to the onslaught of marketing emails, newsletters, and social media notifications. By segregating transactional and informational messages from the others, the Updates folder offers a remedy. Gmail makes sure you can immediately access critical updates without having to filter through less important stuff by automatically categorizing these emails.

What is the Updates folder in Gmail on Android?

Important update notifications from various sources can be categorized and arranged in Gmail’s Updates folder. It functions as a separate section within the Gmail app, preventing emails about updates from clogging up your main inbox. Your email management will be made easier with the Updates folder by filtering and giving priority to emails that contain important information.

Four categories of emails dominate the Updates folder:

  1. Shipping Updates: Emails about online orders, such as tracking details, delivery updates, order confirmations, and shipping notifications, fall under this category. Gmail makes sure that you can easily access and track your packages by collecting these emails in the Updates folder so that they don’t get lost in the sea of other messages.
  2. Travel Notifications: You frequently receive confirmation emails and itineraries when you book flights, lodging, or car rentals. You can easily access all of your travel-related emails in one place thanks to the Updates folder’s organization of them. This can include details about your travel itinerary updates, hotel and car rental confirmations, and flight information.
  3. Emails about bookings, appointments, and reservations are also arranged in the Updates folder. Whether it’s a doctor’s appointment, a restaurant reservation, or a salon visit, these emails can be easily found in this section. By having them separated from your primary inbox, you can quickly access the relevant details without them getting buried amidst other emails.
  4. Bills and Invoices: Emails about bills, invoices, and payment reminders can also be found in the Updates folder. This folder will contain any significant financial notifications you receive, such as utility bills, credit card statements, or subscription invoices. This makes it possible for you to stay on top of your financial commitments and guarantees that you won’t forget any crucial payment due dates.

Overall, Gmail’s Updates folder seeks to improve email efficiency by classifying and ranking the most crucial updates. It makes it simpler to concentrate on important messages and ensures that you can easily access crucial information regarding shipping, travel, appointments, and bills while clearing out your primary inbox. Utilizing this function can help you handle your email better and maintain organization.


Customizing the Updates Folder:

  1. According to your settings, Gmail lets you modify the Updates folder’s functionality. You have options for adding or removing certain senders, selecting the email types you want to be stored in the folder, and even turning on notifications for updates.

Accessing and Managing the Updates Folder:

To get to the Updates folder on the Android Gmail app:

  1. On your Android device, launch the Gmail app.
  2. Click the hamburger menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top-left corner.
  3. Locate the “Updates” section by scrolling down.
  4. For a list of your grouped emails, tap the Updates tab.

You may rapidly archive or remove emails from the Updates folder, mark them as read, or move them to another folder if necessary by swiping left or right. You can also use the search feature to locate particular emails in the Updates folder.

FAQs about the Gmail update folder

How does Gmail choose which emails to place in the Updates folder?

A1: Gmail automatically classifies emails and decides which ones belong in the Updates folder using sophisticated algorithms. To find specific patterns and keywords related to shipping updates, travel notifications, appointments, reservations, bills, and invoices, it analyzes the email content and metadata.

A2: Is it possible to modify the Updates folder’s behavior?

A2: Yes, there are customization options available in Gmail for the Updates folder. You have options for adding or removing specific senders, selecting the email types you want to be stored in the folder, and even turning on notifications for updates. This enables you to customize the folder to your preferences and make sure you get the pertinent information.

  1. Are emails in the Updates folder marked as read automatically?

A3: The emails in the Updates folder are not read-mark automatically. Depending on your preferences, you will have to manually mark them as read or unread. This gives you control over which emails you have reviewed and which ones still require your attention.

Q4: Can I move emails from the Updates folder to another folder?

A4: It is possible to move emails from the Updates folder to another folder if you so choose. You can accomplish this by choosing the desired emails and then using the Gmail app’s “Move to” or “Move” button, for example. It enables you to keep a customized filing system and further organize your emails.

Q5: Is it possible to search for particular emails in the Updates folder?

A5: Using the Gmail app’s search feature, you can look for specific emails in the Updates folder. Simply type in relevant search terms or information about the email you’re looking for, and Gmail will show you results that match from the Updates folder.

Q6: Does every device have access to the Updates folder?

A6: The Gmail app for Android devices only offers the Updates folder. It might not be accessible through other email clients or platforms. However, Gmail provides comparable features for managing emails on other platforms, such as the Promotions tab in Gmail’s web client. 

Q7:If I don’t want the Updates folder, can I disable it?

A7: The Updates folder cannot be completely disabled in Gmail. However, as was already noted, you can modify its behavior. If you decide not to utilize it, you can simply select to ignore the emails in the Updates folder and concentrate on your main inbox.

Q8: Will essential emails that are sent to the Updates folder be missed?

A8: The classification algorithms of Gmail are made to correctly recognize significant updates. To make sure you haven’t overlooked any important emails, it’s always a good idea to routinely check the Updates folder. Additionally, Gmail may be trained by transferring any incorrectly classified emails to the proper folder, which will help it gain accuracy over time.

Q9: Does the Updates folder synchronize between different devices?

A9: If you’re logged into your Gmail account, the Updates folder syncs with various devices. All devices linked to your account will see any modifications made to the Updates folder, such as marking emails as read or transferring them to different folders.

Q10: Can I get alerts when new emails arrive in the Updates folder?

A10: Yes, you can turn on notifications just for emails that arrive in the Updates folder. By doing this, you may keep updated without continually checking your email because you will receive alerts whenever significant updates are received.


Your email experience will be more convenient and organized thanks to the Updates folder in Gmail for Android. Gmail makes sure you keep informed without feeling overloaded by a cluttered inbox by automatically sorting and prioritizing key updates. You can maximize this folder’s features and simplify your email management process by knowing how to access, customize, and manage it. Adopt the Updates folder to improve your Android device’s email performance and productivity.


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