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America Is Going To Be The Poorest Country In The World’ Robert Kiyosaki Warns That ‘The Slums Of Mumbai Are Spreading Across America’ – Here Are His 3 Favorite Investments For Protecting Wealth

American entrepreneur and businessman Robert Kiyosaki is raising alarms about the economic future of the United States. In a recent interview on the Finance with Sharan podcast, he boldly stated, “America is going to be the poorest country in the world, starting now.”

Kiyosaki’s Mumbai Experience

Kiyosaki shared his unique perspective after a visit to the slums of Mumbai during the Growth Summit India 2023 in September. His observations revealed a shocking transformation in America, as he noted, “Today slums are everywhere across America.”

Kiyosaki’s Perspective on Fiat Currency

Known for his unconventional views, Kiyosaki has often compared the U.S. dollar to toilet paper, labeling fiat currency as fake. He expressed his stance, stating, “Everybody who works for dollars, yen, pesos, rupee — this is fake. Stupid people work for this stuff.”

In defining wealth, Kiyosaki classified gold as God’s money, Bitcoin as people’s money, and the fiat dollar as fake money. He emphasized that the fiat dollar is created only through borrowing.

The Hour-Long Podcast


During the extensive podcast interview, Kiyosaki delved into various topics, including his three favorite investments. Additionally, he explored broader subjects such as the evolving dynamics of global finance and the role of the U.S. dollar as a global reserve currency.

Bearish Views on the Dollar

Kiyosaki’s bearish views on the U.S. dollar are well-known. He has equated it to toilet paper and dismissed fiat currency as fake. According to him, “The only way [the fiat dollar] is created is, somebody has to borrow money.”

Kiyosaki’s Favorite Investments

Despite holding approximately 60 Bitcoins, Kiyosaki cautioned crypto enthusiasts about the potential government interventions. Instead, he advocates for investments in tangible assets such as gold and silver, highlighting their scarcity as a hedge against inflation.

Investing in Tangible Assets

Kiyosaki’s preference for physical gold and silver bullion is clear. However, for investors looking for alternatives, companies like Osisko Gold Royalties Ltd offer a strategic avenue. This company acquires and manages precious metal royalties, providing investors a share of revenue from mines globally.

Real Estate Investment

Real estate holds a significant place in Kiyosaki’s investment strategy. He owns an impressive 15,000 houses, emphasizing the value of real estate over renting. For retail investors, publicly traded Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) like Realty Income Corp offer a simpler way to participate, providing a monthly dividend with an annual yield of 5.7%.

Fractional Ownership in Real Estate

For those looking to enter the real estate market without the burden of property ownership, fractional ownership is a viable option. Platforms allow investors to buy shares of single-family rentals with minimal investment, earning both passive income and long-term gains.

The Significance of Oil

Kiyosaki underscores the importance of oil as the “lifeblood of civilizations.” However, instead of traditional investments in oil company stocks, he leans towards tangible investments like oil wells, citing the impact of the Keystone XL Pipeline shutdown on oil prices in 2021.

Chevron Corporation Investment

Investors interested in the oil sector can consider owning shares in companies like Chevron Corporation. With equity in nearly 35,000 wells in the U.S. alone, Chevron offers both investment stability and a 4.18% dividend yield.

Unpacking Kiyosaki’s Wisdom

While Kiyosaki’s statements provide valuable insights, it’s crucial not to take them literally. Successful entrepreneurs’ perspectives offer wisdom, but thorough research and consultation with investment advisors are essential before making any decisions.


In conclusion, Robert Kiyosaki’s warning about America’s economic trajectory prompts reflection. While his favorite investments provide avenues for wealth protection, it’s vital for investors to balance insights with individual research and advisory guidance.


  1. How many Bitcoins does Kiyosaki own?
    • Robert Kiyosaki claims to hold about 60 Bitcoins.
  2. Why does Kiyosaki prefer tangible assets?
    • Kiyosaki advocates for tangible assets like gold and silver due to their inherent scarcity.
  3. What is Osisko Gold Royalties Ltd?
    • Osisko Gold Royalties Ltd is a company that acquires and manages precious metal royalties, offering investors a share of revenue from global mines.
  4. How can retail investors enter the real estate market?
    • Retail investors can participate in real estate through publicly traded REITs or fractional ownership platforms.
  5. Why does Kiyosaki emphasize oil as an investment?
    • Kiyosaki views oil as the “lifeblood of civilizations,” and he prefers tangible investments like oil wells.


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