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Top 10 Kingdom Hearts Games Ranked from Worst to Best


These powerful game series has released it’s the latest version that is Kingdom Hearts 3. There are so many parts in this series which makes you so confuse that which game you should play first. Every game part has its own story which supports the part of the series. If you want to choose the right game for you, then you need to understand the story of the game first. These action game series shows a teenage boy named SORA who is set to navigate the creatures called The Heartless  who ruined the world. The journey of SORA leads him to new friends to get rid of these evil creatures. Let’s rank all the parts of the series from worst to best to find out the best game for you.


This game is a later part of the mobile version which took place after the ancient keyblade war. The players in the game are very much free to create their KeyBlade wielders and also they are free to join any of the five unions available in the game. You will find so many chapters related to the Disney world which were visited by the main series in the past time. It is very clear that being a mobile phone game, this would not give you as much as enthusiasm as like the other games. There are 100s of chapters to get you confused. This game is developed by square enix.


This game has come in light in the year 2010. Most of the users or game players said that they don’t the game because the story of the game is not so relevant to the game title. Others parts of the series show the journey of SORA through the different Disney kingdoms. But this part is very confusing and interconnected to the travel tea of SORA through different Disney kingdoms. If you haven’t played any part of this game, then it is advised not to play this game first, otherwise, you will not enjoy the game. The game was developed by the NOMURA.


This part of the game series is also popular to skip. This game was released in the year 2009 with new features and unique graphics. This game was responsible for the introduction of the new character or a protagonist named ROXAS. This character was just created after the SORA, who also got transformed into the heartless in the initial part of the game. Roxas is also featured in the game kingdom hearts 2, where the story shows that the time spent by ROXAS in the 13 organization with his other two mates named XION and AXEL. The game was developed by h.a.n.d. And square enix.


This game is a sequel part. This game has a different taste compared to other parts in terms of its stories and playing experience. This game comes with a new strategy and ideas where you have to put all your efforts into understanding the story first. After the acknowledgement of the story, you can very well prepare the strategy to win the game. It also links up very well with the story of the first game. This story is having card-based combat which is the only reason responsible for the less attractive entry of this game. The game was developed by JUPITER.


Initially, this game was released on the 3DS, but due to its remake by the square Enix, it was then released to the PS4 with new features and specifications. This game is considered to be having some good quality of stuff with the story and user interface. Amazing arts and sculptures are introduced in this version and considered to be interesting and enjoyable among all the parts of the KINGDOM hearts series game. You will also enjoy the time travel in the game. You must have to pay attention while playing the game as it is so confusing at some points in the game. The game was developed by the square enix.


This is another one on the list will you can play to enjoy your free time and give more adrenaline rush to your body. Playing this game will not make you feel bored. This game is also having unique abilities and featured to enjoy the player. This game also involves an engaging story because it is the prequel of the main series. You will also get to see a lot of Disney characters meanwhile playing the game. This game with the best story has featured three playing characters who juggled themselves in such a way that story got more engaging along with the game. The game was developed by the square enix.


This game has been introduced as a demo part of the KINGDOM HEARTS 3. Also, it is not a fully produced game because it is just a bite-sized game. If you play this game just for the fun, then you will be able to finish this game within 1 hour or 2 hours. This game has shown all the features and graphics of the KINGDOM HEARTS 3 game in briefly. There is a favourite character of the fans in this game who is named Aqua. In this game, players are bound to assume the role of Aqua which connects the story of the KINGDOM HEART 3 game. The game was developed by the square enix.



The wait is over now as we have reached the most recent title of this game series. This part of the game has come after the wait of 15 years from the time it has been created. Players of the gaming community are very much happy with the introduction of this game part. This game is now introduced with new features like the action-oriented game. The developer of this game has taken a long time to introduce such an amazing game. The only thing which the gamers are missing in this game is that it is only introduced with limited Disney kingdoms of only seven. The game was developed by the square enix.


The previous game part can’t beat the popularity and acceptability of this game part. This kingdom hearts 2 comes with exciting features like engaging story and connections between the tales of Disney kingdoms. In this part of the game, ROXAS get to return as a game player which was earlier used to come in the portable games. This part will get you to the connections where you will get to know the actual meaning of the organization 13. You will see the essence of old and new movies like pirated of the Caribbean, beauty and the beast etc. In the game. The game was developed by the square enix.


introduced till now. This part is considered to be the best game part of the series among the gaming community. This part is widely known for its clear graphics and attractive user interface. All the connections of the Disney tales have been included so wisely that the player would not get bored in any case. SORA in this game can use KeyBlade weapons and he is also provided with the ability to swap or change it with the other option he has. The game was developed by the Square Enix.


This series is a complete package of all the exciting story connections between different Disney kingdoms. The one who loves to get into such confusions should play these games. All the parts have been listed from worst to best which you can choose as per your tastes and preferences to enjoy the game.



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