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The Best Torrent Search Engines

Torrent!! A name that comes to our mind when it comes to downloading and watching videos. But it is also the word that strikes us when it comes to unsafe browsing, right?

One can find endless sites from torrent, but most of them either do not work or are not safe to use. Then what is the solution to this problem, and how can you fix the links and get going with properly using the websites?

There are a lot of misconceptions in the mind of people related to the torrent. Some say they are unsafe, and some also think that they are illegal and connected with terrorism and porn. But the truth is that everything is a big lie.

There are legal uses of the torrent. With accuracy and speed, the users can enjoy safe browsing without their privacy being compromised. Torrent has been there, and it has been very much active in playing games and downloading songs and movies.

Torrent is a legal store where you can get to download movies and music that is non copyrighted and has been marked as safe by the US government. Some celebrities love to release their music on this platform. The users can also enjoy movies like the walking dead on torrent.

Every coin has two sides. Yes, we agree that torrent is involved in hacking and illegal downloads and misuse of the customers’ privacy. But it also offers advantages.

When you search for some of the best torrent search engines, all you must keep in mind is the safe browsing feature. Torrent has been there for ages, and it is also present in Windows 10. If you are careful, then nothing can make you compromise on the private information that you do not want to be shared.

That was all about the torrent. Now let us get to look at the top 10 search engines for the same and enjoy browsing in a safe mode.

What To Look For

You need to keep in mind that your safety is in your hands, and you need to be extra vigilant when it comes to browsing the internet. There are many people who own websites, and to avoid copyright issues and getting banned, they keep on changing their IP addresses, but the business name remains the same. It would help if you were careful in judging which ones are originals, as you will find every other website on the platform claiming that they are genuine with endless certificates.

Utorrent Search

This is a great search engine, and the best part about it is that Google supports it. One thing that seems as an error is that the name is Utorrent but when you browse through the url that gets displayed is Veoble.

It is very easy to use. All you need to do is enter what you are looking for and get the results displayed on a new page.

Pirate Bay

Torrent is a spring that takes back the sites, and they come back again with a jump. The same is the case with the pirate bay. It is one of the most known search engines under the platform and has maintained decent goodwill.

Pirate bay is one of the top websites indexed by the search engines in the top ranks. The website has been through a lot of ups and downs. It has a success story of its own. The website has been taken down multiple times, but it comes back and gives better performance. The security agencies still do not feel confident in giving it a try, so make sure you are confident enough before you enter.

Torrent Z2

Now beware as this one is the copycat site that we told you to be aware of. They do have a long journey with torrent, but copy cats cannot be trusted fully. It is easy to operate and lets you search from more than a 61million websites.

Torrent Z2 displays the result of the search that you looked for on the second page. It is very easy to use and also gives the users a huge space to move their cursor on. Also, one thing more about this search engine is that you also get a .onion page to check out. But do keep in mind to be very safe when operating on torrent.


If you are looking for a website that will help you enjoy the latest movies and TV shows, this one will be a great option. It has a wide number of shows and movies available. The homepage looks boring and might give you a feel that it is tiring, but it is still one of the best options to use.

This is a great platform to help you enjoy decent browsing with safety in mind. The interface is easy, but the looks are traditionally old. One of the best things about this site is that there are no threats and malwares detected by the experts.


Trust me, and if you think that torrent pages look great and have an excellent interface, you will be disappointed with this one. It seems boring and lame, but the best thing is that it helps you get the job done. It has a good interface and works quickly.

The best thing is that it is safe to use. has large websites indexed to its portal and thus will help you get the best results.


No!! do not think that this number holds any significance. Neither is it a code for a bomb to explode nor is it the number of a vault. It is just the name of a search engine that has unlimited websites connected and indexed to it.

If you are in a mood to look for something new, this will be the best platform. It looks great and has a decent interface. Users can browse easily, and also it does not lag. For security purposes, you cannot be sure, but still, with very few ads, it is a great thing to use.

Torrent Project

Do not always think that you will get dynamics and graphics and moving legends when you enter a torrent website. Some of the best torrent websites can look simple too. This search engine has successfully managed to index more than 10 million websites, which is a huge number.

This is the one search engine that we can say is worth giving a try. It is safe to use and will offer you with best results that are genuine. The search engine has an extension that shows that it has its origin from Sweden, known for good laws for cybersecurity. Hence a sigh of relief.

Torrent Project is also going to launch its latest version in the next few months.


The best thing about this one is that the website’s design will make you stick to it. It will also make you look at other things and browse through it. It looks good and also is easy to operate. It does not lag, but the ads on the search engine are an issue.

One of the best features about this one is that it helps you understand how a particular website is working on torrent so that you can decide whether to use it or not. All in all, it is a great platform and offers you to search results with a good security system.

How Can You Torrent Safely?

These were the top 10 search engines with the help of which you can enjoy surfing and downloading movies, songs, and the latest shows. But it would help if you kept in mind that torrent is not safe, and you have to be careful about which website you are entering. Also, keep in mind to block the ads to avoid clicking on any of them by mistake and then falling in trouble at the end.

Double-check which URL you are going to enter and from where it has its origin. First things first, you must never use a torrent website. That being said if you still want to use it, then you need to make sure that you are not going to open it on your default browser. Trust me, and you can fall into huge trouble if you do so. All your bank details can vanish, and also you can get your information used in several scams.

Scared?? Relax there is nothing to be afraid of till the time you are not planning to do anything that is not legal or will be marked as a cyber crime as per the norms set by the government.

You have to be vigilant and keep your eyes open when you want to try out your hands on torrent.


This was all about the best search engines available for you to look for things on torrent. Also, we told you about how to be safe and browse with maximum satisfaction. Now you need to keep these things in mind and then go for any download.



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